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Enrolment Submissions for 2024 are due on Thursday 22 June 2023. Parents and carers who have not completed this process yet are kindly reminded to submit their child’s Enrolment Application Form by the aforementioned date.

Affordable quality education founded upon Orthodox biblical truth

Affordable quality education founded upon Orthodox biblical truth


St Mary’s Coptic Orthodox College proudly centralises around Coptic Orthodox ethos, dogma, values and faith to provide a holistic and nurturing learning environment for our students.

Between Foundation and Year 12, students are provided with more than educational opportunities and support, wherein they are dispensed key knowledge of the person of Christ for Christians living in the twenty-first century.

Here at SMCOC, we recognise the immediate need for a safe learning environment for Christian students in a culturally appropriate setting; and our unique initiatives, opportunities and approach truly reflect this.

We Are Unique

What separates our College from any educational institution does not lie within academic excellence alone. Indeed, our students are fostered to generate success within their academia, however, the separating factor is embedded within the very core of the College; the fear, love and yearning for God in the context of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

What makes us so different is not just our small and intimate class sizes, our students’ plethora of unique talents, success and achievements within sport, music, art, science, literature and more. It is our intrinsic tradition and values that we offer every one of our students. Truly, we are a united, connected, engaged and welcoming community that provides a high-quality Coptic Orthodox Christian education.

Our Adherence to Coptic Orthodox Christianity

Our God-centred ambition is embedded within our daily morning Chapels, celebration of the Divine Liturgy, participation of the minor, major and all other Coptic Feasts, practising of bi-weekly and annual fasts, singing of the sacred hymnology and weekly religion classes for all year levels. Each of these unique approaches of the College are put in place to encourage our students to “remember your Creator in the days of your youth” (Ecclesiastes 12:1).

Our SMCOC Choir is trained in various hymns stemming from our Coptic rites and our daily Chapel is centred around prayer, psalms, singing and sermons. We understand how important morning prayer is and the blessings that it offers our hard-working and academically-oriented students. What makes us even more special is the weekly religion classes that are offered to both Primary and Secondary years. The intimate setting promotes valuable discussions to equip students with key skills to defend their faith and spread the message of salvation. Whilst the classes contain numerous teachings on rites, hymnology and liturgical order, they also centralise on relevancy by generating discussions on modern contemporary issues and relating them back onto the person of Christ.

We are diverse

It is no coincidence that our students travel from more than 60 postcodes across Melbourne each day to visit our unique and God-fearing College. In fact, most of our students take advantage of our transport system, which conveniently offers private bus pickups and drop-offs. We are very proud of the diverse nature of our community.

What We Have to Offer

Our Co-curricular and Wellbeing programs aim to develop the students’ breadth of character, confidence and values, allowing them to make the most of their future. Furthermore, our students, staff, parents and carers enjoy modern facilities, necessary to cater for all areas of study and interests, maximising conditions for learning.

We are also conveniently situated near numerous public transport options, only a five minutes’ walk from Coolaroo Train Station and a bus stop outside the College.

Typically, all students seeking university entry gain an offer each year and they are not limited to traditional post-school options. Each year, graduates enrol in tertiary studies as diverse as Medicine, Business, Nursing, Podiatry, Engineering, Radiography, Teaching and Design. Some take up traineeships with top companies, sharing their time between study and work.

Our curriculum is based on Victorian and National guidelines and our Coptic Orthodox members of the College, as well as the Christian members of Staff, are dedicated to empowering students to discover their God-given life purpose.

Teachers construct and deliver challenging academic and co-curricular programs, which engage students and maximise their outcomes. They embed digital technologies in teaching and learning applications and nuture numerous personal developments across the course of the academic year.

Our Character

Our College offers a dynamic learning community, which is built upon strong academic and biblical foundations. Furthermore, the Pastoral Care program we offer facilitates character development through our core values: Coptic Orthodox faith, academic excellence, respect and effective safety. In addition, our Wellbeing Team also focuses on providing high quality students services to nurture the developmental needs of all students.


St Marys Coptic Orthodox College offers a complete educational experience – from Foundation to Year 12.

The College fosters a true community spirit.

We maintain high academic standards, smaller class sizes and a caring, inclusive and supportive community.

Our teachers are deeply committed to seeing each student realise their God-given potential


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