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Affordable quality education founded upon Orthodox biblical truth

Affordable quality education founded upon Orthodox biblical truth


In the Senior School at SMCOC, we focus on two main aims to achieve. Firstly, we endeavour to maximise students’ opportunities to grow into Godly Christian leaders, who are able to serve their Australian community, be representatives of Christ and serve as the light of this world. In addition, Religious Education lessons discuss contemporary issues that equip students with necessary knowledge and strategies before they embark on their adult life journey after completion of Year 12.

Secondly, we observe the pursuit of academic excellence and, while ensuring preservation and support of wellbeing and engagement, we seek to offer all opportunities to facilitate transition to fulfilling and successful tertiary life or any other study or career pathways. Moreover, we work in partnership with parents and carers to empower our students to maximise their academic success and to be well prepared to gain the best possible tertiary entrance score (ATAR score).

Our Senior School curriculum offers a variety of VCE subjects, with an opportunity to complete a Vocational Educational Training subject. We also offer learning assistance to students who require special needs for their learning.

Our academic program includes a VCE Acceleration Program, providing students with a head start in Years 10 and 11, which is likely to support high achieving students to organise their Units 3 & 4 subjects over a 2-year span of time.

Many of our graduate students have studied, or are currently studying, at leading universities in a range of courses, including Medicine, Law, Engineering, Nursing, Podiatry, Radiography, Arts, Business and Education.

Moreover, other students have undertaken apprenticeships in various trade areas and some chose to go to full time employment opportunities in leading banks and companies.


Parents Handbook ( Secondary)

Year 10 Curriculum Guide 2021

Year 10 VCE Acceleration Program 2022

Year 11 VCE Acceleration Program 2022

VCE Handbook


Year 10 Work Experience

Student Careers

Principal’s Awards


St Marys Coptic Orthodox College offers a complete educational experience – from Foundation to Year 12.

The College fosters a true community spirit.

We maintain high academic standards, smaller class sizes and a caring, inclusive and supportive community.

Our teachers are deeply committed to seeing each student realise their God-given potential


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Year 10 2021 Booklist

Year 11 2021 Booklist

Year 12 2021 Booklist


SMCOC is pleased to introduce The Principal’s Award initiative in 2021!

The Principal’s Award is the highest possible award a student can achieve at SMCOC.

For 2021, The Principal’s Award will be granted as follows:

A MacBook Pro, up to $2000.00 value, will be awarded to students who achieve an ATAR (The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) of 95 and above in 2021.

$500.00 will be awarded to students for EACH 40+ study score in a Units 3 & 4 subject.