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Enrolment Submissions for 2024 are due on Thursday 22 June 2023. Parents and carers who have not completed this process yet are kindly reminded to submit their child’s Enrolment Application Form by the aforementioned date.

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No Bullying Is Tolerated at SMCOC


SMCOC does not tolerate any form of bullying. Bullying is not always easy to be recognised and can be disguised in numerous actions and behaviours.

This is why we purposefully plan our curricula and interdisciplinary units of study in a way that facilitates educating our students about bullying and highlighting that bullying is the repeated and intentional behaviour of causing fear, distress or harm towards another person that involves an imbalance of power.

We also alert our students to the fact that it can involve humiliation, domination, intimidation, victimisation or harassment or any combination of these behaviours.

Forms of Bullying:

Examples of Physical Bullying:hitting, pushing, obstructing or being used to hurt or intimidate someone, damaging, stealing or hiding personal belongings.

Examples of Psychological Bullying:using words or actions to cause psychological harm like name calling, teasing or making fun of someone because of their actions, appearance, physical characteristics or cultural background.

Examples of Indirect Bullying:deliberate acts of exclusion or spreading of untrue stories to hurt or intimidate someone.

Examples of Cyber Bullying:ongoing abuse of power to threaten or harm another person using technology, which occurs via chat rooms, social network platforms, emails or mobile phones.

Nevertheless, we wish to highlight to students, parents and carers that, at times, some behaviours may present themselves as bullying behaviours, but they might not be of this nature. Having stipulated so, such behaviours, while still not of a bullying nature, they may cause distress to students. Examples of these behaviours include conflict between students, who are equally powerful resulting from a disagreement, aggression, shouting, meanness, unkindness or friendship fallouts.

Nonetheless, these behaviours are not repeated ones. This means that although they will not be identifying as bullying incidents, members of staff will respond to these incidents immediately and efficiently.

However, it is worth noting that some of these conflict situations may escalate into bullying situations. members of staff are well aware of this matter and continue to observe these situations to ensure safety of students.

Report Bullying Incidents

It is vital that students, parents and carers report any suspected or confirmed bullying incidents and behaviours immediately. They can report to the corresponding Year Level Coordinator, the College Counsellor, the Assistant Principal or the Principal. Any concerns reported by students, parents or carers will be taken seriously and SMCOC’s set policies and procedures will be applied.

Signs that your child is being bullied

It is encouraged that parents and carers are always mindful of any changes in their child’s behaviour. They would observe for any possible signs of bullying so issues can be resolved at an early stage. Parents and carers are also urged to notify the corresponding Year level Coordinator or the College Counsellor immediately if they suspect that their child may be a victim of bullying.

If your child is exhibiting any signs of the following list, there might be a possibility of bullying.

Reluctance or refusal to “open up” and talk when is asked what they are sad      

  • Reluctance or refusal to go to school      
  • Reluctance or refusal to do homework or to study      
  • Feeling unwell in the mornings before coming to school or as soon as arriving to school      
  • Lack of confidence     
  • Prolonged silence and being withdrawn from family activities      
  • Bullying siblings/cousins

SMCOC’s Response to Bullying IncidentsIf any suspected and/or reported bullying incidents occur, members of staff :assure the victim that they are not at fault and that their confidentiality is respected and maintained,     fully investigate the matter and focus on the facts. We speak to the victim, the alleged bully and any bystanders,      keep detailed records of the bullying incident, and      inform, and consult with, parents and carers of the process, outcomes and consequences.

In case of investigating incidents that pertain to persistent bullies and/or critical incidents, a multi-faceted approach is taken, including offering counselling to persistent bullies and victims, which may include referral to an external provider.

If behaviour persists, follow up strategies and disciplinary actions, at the Principal’s discretion, may be implemented, including suspension and/or withdrawal of enrolment of persistent bullies, or in cases of severe incidents.

Role of SMCOC Staff in Eliminating Bullying

All staff members:

  • display appropriate behaviour at all times,      
  • handle all reported and observed bullying incidents according to SMCOC’s set policies and procedures,      
  • record facts, steps taken and decisions made, and      
  • refer to appropriate staff member/s to investigate or follow up the incident.

Role of Students in Eliminating Bullying

Students also have the responsibility to play an active role in maintaining a safe College environment. They are expected to report any bullying incidents they were subjected to or they witnessed.

In addition, students are expected to not support or encourage any type of bullying behaviour. They are also expected to actively support and help any individual, who may be subject to any type of bullying behaviour.

  • If a student is told that their behaviour is of a bullying nature by other students or any members of staff, they are expected to consider this a serious matter and reflect on their actions. They are expected to discuss this matter with their Year Level Coordinator or the College Counsellor and determine if their behaviour is actually of a bullying nature so they can change their behaviour and stop any bullying behaviour immediately.

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