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Enrolment Submissions for 2024 are due on Thursday 22 June 2023. Parents and carers who have not completed this process yet are kindly reminded to submit their child’s Enrolment Application Form by the aforementioned date.

Affordable quality education founded upon Orthodox biblical truth

Affordable quality education founded upon Orthodox biblical truth


The Robotics Room offers a wide range of robots, devices and support equipment.

These are the robot types for Years 7 to 10. All of these robots are programmed using Scratch Coding (i.e. block coding):

Lego EV3 Mindstorm

Customisable and programmable robots for Year 7 studentsThese robots are predominantly controlled via programming. While remote piloting is possible, it is not very user friendly as this robot is aimed at younger students, hence the focus is on coding and hands-on skills. EV3 is assembled by hand and does not require extra tools.

Sphero SPRK+

Programmable robots with a gyroscope inside of it for balance and movement This is for the Year 8 students. There is no physical customisation with the robot per say, however, one could change the colours of the robot by changing the colours of the LED light settings. The robot needs to be used with other materials and props for specific problem-solving tasks. This type of robot has great cross-curriculum potential as it can be used in Math, Science and even Art. Sphero is very easy to start using but would require great skill and practices to master the control as a high degree of fine motor skills is required.


More advanced than LegoVEX IQ is a customisable and programmable robot for the Year 9 students. This type of robot is more or less similar to the Lego robots but with greater variety of build models available and they have greater range of functions. The materials for VEX IQ are also stronger than Lego. VEX IQ is assembled by hands, hence, does not require extra tools.


The most advanced robots we have at SMCOC!These are also customisable and programmable. This is for the Year 10 students. This type of robot uses even stronger material (i.e. aluminium) and generates much greater levels of power than all of the types mentioned previously (e.g. can pick up a can of soft drink). V5 would require students to use tools like spanner and Alan keys to assemble, hence, exposing students to entry level tradie skills and introduce them to real-life engineering skills.

The devices students use to link to their robots for programming:

Intel NUC PC

These are the windows-based computers. They contain all the interfacing programs to link up with the robots for programming. The PCs also contain some design related softwares for possible future Product Design subjects. The secondary purpose of having the PCs is to get students to become more familiarised with Windows based Operating System over the course of their secondary school years in order to expand their technology literacy and not just being restricted to Apple products.

MacBook Air

These laptops have similar apps to the PC but since they are Apple products, they are more compatible than other Apple products due to many shared features and functions, e.g. Airdrop. The MacBook are more mobile, hence, they can work more efficiently when the tasks require students to move around.


We also have a class set of iPads. The iPads have similar apps to the ones on the MacBook but they are less sophisticated meaning less programmable functions. The iPads is also used to get the students to practice high end Sphero piloting tasks like playing Sphero Soccer (it’s actually one of the tasks and a staple of the robotics club). The iPad is the most efficient device used to pilot the robots due to its mobility.

Below are the other supporting equipment:

Laser cutter:

This is used to cut thin wood pieces and print labels on glassware. This was purchased during the time of Travis Borough and was used in Product Design. Currently, Luke uses it to create the signs and logo for the school.

3D printer:

Can be used to ‘print’ objects by melting vinyl strands and organising them into layers (We have 3 units but none of them are not working after being idol for a few years. Me and Luke have each taken one unit home to test them, will update you on the progress in due time).

Vinyl cutter:

Used to cut up vinyl paper for the signs around the school.



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St Marys Coptic Orthodox College offers a complete educational experience – from Foundation to Year 12.

The College fosters a true community spirit.

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Our teachers are deeply committed to seeing each student realise their God-given potential


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