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Enrolment Submissions for 2024 are due on Thursday 22 June 2023. Parents and carers who have not completed this process yet are kindly reminded to submit their child’s Enrolment Application Form by the aforementioned date.

Music is the universal language of mankind.”– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“Music is the great uniter. An incredible force.” - Sarah Dessen

SMCOC understands the benefits of music for individuals, and the whole community, so it fosters learning of music, which develops students’ cognitive, emotional, motor, social and personal competencies.

SMCOC’s students develop their music skills by being involved in aural training, singing and playing rehearsals and performances, composing and appreciation of world-wide music during their scheduled music lessons in their primary and secondary years.

For all passionate and excellent music students, SMCOC offers a range of musical activities to extend their skills and keep SMCOC’s school community spirits fly high.

Music programs we currently offer:

Private singing and instrumental lessons for piano, violin, guitar and drum kit. These lessons help students develop their singing and playing skills and thus enable them to perform solo and/or in a group. Students showcase their skills to the school community through organised performances.

Primary choir gathers all passionate singers, who rehearse and bring their amazing voices together into beautiful harmonies. Choir students make all our College events special. In 2018, our amazing students won two silver medals and in 2019, they won a gold medal at The Royal South Street Primary Schools Choir Competition in Ballarat.

Staff from the Music Department takes talented instrumental players to The Royal South Street Solo/Group Instrumental Competitions. In 2018, our Carol and Carin Danial won an Honourable award for their piano duet performances and Abraham Homa got great critics from the judges.

High school music bands brighten all big events at SMCOC. Dedicated drum, piano, violin and guitar students restlessly and passionately rehearse a repertoire of songs with their band teacher and play at all College events including SMCOC biggest art event, ‘Arts Night’. In 2019, two high school bands participated in The Royal South Street Band Competition in Ballarat and got a great feedback for their instrumental skills and amazing vocals.

Primary Orchestra takes on board all Primary students, who play instruments well. Students meet on a weekly basis where they rehearse together, improve their playing skills and experience the complexity, beauty and joy of playing in a group. Primary Orchestra is one of the highlights of Primary School concerts and SMCOC’s Arts Night.

Primary Djembe Drumming Band gathers students with excellent rhythmic skills who create their own percussion pieces, which they perform at different events organised throughout the school year.

SMCOC’s music department in cooperation with Musica Viva in Schools organises a yearly Music day workshop for all students. Every year we bring the best nationally and internationally acclaimed performers to our school for our students to experience and get in touch with different musical styles and instruments.

Currently SMCOC’s Music Department is working on bringing more music programs to SMCOC’s students. The power of music enriches and brightens our College community.

If you would like your child (Year 2 – Year 11) to play a musical instrument or improve singing skills, please fill in an enrolment form. Private or semi-private lessons are organised on a rotating weekly basis for 30 minutes. Fee structure and all other details, such as buying instruments, payments, … etc. are included in the enrolment form. If you require further information, please contact the music department via

Mrs. Sandra Mlikota (email: [email protected] or SEQTA direct message) or

Mr. Ben Feillafe (email: [email protected] or SEQTA direct message).


St Marys Coptic Orthodox College offers a complete educational experience – from Foundation to Year 12.

The College fosters a true community spirit.

We maintain high academic standards, smaller class sizes and a caring, inclusive and supportive community.

Our teachers are deeply committed to seeing each student realise their God-given potential


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